“Sometimes in life, you meet the right people. Actually this story is more than that. It’s about meeting the right country and the right people at the same time.

I met Brazil… such an impressive experience! It inspired me with a world-class vision to create a spectacular, industrial food showroom rich in biodiversity, a pioneering project, which reflects modernity through innovation and leadership.

The dream came true. It is called the Selecão Brasileira de Alimentos, a team of 13 visionary food players who decided to innovate and outperform world standards. As usual, great projects are about great people. First I met Mauricio Borges, the visionary Apex-Brasil president who gave me his full support and trust after our first minute of conversation. With him, with his team, we have created this cutting-edge, world-class team to showcase Brazil’s unique food modernity and leadership. Without him, nothing would have been possible.

But I also met two great people, Anouk and Maarten. They are storytellers. No doubt the best on earth! I chose them and their company CoolBrands NextWorld Storytelling to tell you about this inspring fairytale, to stage every player in their full integrity and beauty. I was right: they have so much talent. Every page of this book is an exciting step in our unique food innovation expedition.

I am so proud for Brazil.”

Edouard Malbois - CEO & Founder Enivrance
Edouard Malbois – CEO & Founder Enivrance

Edouard Malbois
CEO & Founder Enivrance