‘Seleção Brasileira de Alimentos’ is a team of 13 world-class, food-branded innovations from Brazil. Each brand expresses a bold vision to outperform existing standards. Each innovation is at the cutting edge of its product category and has the ambition to sign new food pleasures and lifestyles dedicated to world consumers. Beyond innovation, this is a world communication event which clearly positions Brazil as a bold global food innovator and lifestyle
provider. All the featured companies, whether a leader or an emerging actor, share the same goal of portraying a “The New Made in Brazil”.

The New Made in Brazil is the conceptual backbone of Seleção Brasileira de Alimentos. It expresses the new Brazilian mind-set towards competitiveness and leadership and considers innovation as the anchor of future global successes. This ambition is articulated through a six-step manifesto:

• Create value to outperform existing world standards.
• Strategise the Brazilian signature.
• Synergise communication and content.
• Deliver a true consumer experience around pleasure, service and style.
• Lead world food categories.
• Brand value creation with superior vision.

“Why do we choose to keep the name in Portuguese? We believe that even when raising global standards, we want to stay rooted in Brazilian culture.”