We are in Lausanne, on Lake Geneva, walking through the steep streets of the old town with Hans-Joachim Richter. We’ve known Nespresso’s Director of Corporate Communications for many years and meet every once in a while to catch up with the latest developments at the brand.

Meeting Jochem Richter - Nespresso - CoolBrands Around the World in 80 Brands
Meeting Jochem Richter – Nespresso – CoolBrands Around the World in 80 Brands

“Let’s take a walk,” Jochem says, “and decide on which story to tell.”

We pass the Cathédrale de Notre Dame, one of Lausanne’s most famous landmarks. “I never get tired of the views here,” he says, looking up at the cathedral’s Gothic spires.

When we met in 2007 he told us about the company’s stringent coffee selection. Only the top 1-2% of all the coffee grown globally meets the quality, taste and aroma standards required for Nespresso’s capsules.

In 2009 he told us about the success of the George Clooney campaign, which had just won a number of major advertising awards.

In 2010 he updated us on Nespresso’s sourcing and sustainability efforts. This EcolaborationTM approach enables Nespresso to secure the highest quality coffees and improve the standard of living for farmers by paying them a premium.

In 2011 he told us about Nespresso’s Unique Business Model. The route to market, directly through the website, boutiques and call centres, provides a unique competitive advantage for the brand.

We wonder what he will tell us today. We start walking up Rue Pierre-Viret. Jochem points out the Palais de Rumine, home to five of Lausanne’s museums.

“Did I tell you about our Unique Business Model and route to market?” Jochem asks. “Actually you did, last year,” I say.

We take a sharp right at Rue de la Barre and walk towards the towers of Château Saint-Maire. “And our AAA Sustainable Quality Sourcing Program. Did I tell you about that?”

“Actually you did, in 2009,” says Anouk.

“Of course,” Jochem says, as we reach the square in front of the castle. He looks pensive. Then he stops and turns to us. “I know what I haven’t told you,” he says, lighting up. “I have a great story about our global brand community. Let me tell you about it over coffee. I know the perfect place.”

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