It’s a sunny December morning in Manhattan. We walk from Times Square in the direction of Madison Avenue. We’re having a meeting with Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America and an internationally respected trendspotter.

We stop on the way to take out a café latte at ‘Pret a Manger’.
That’s what New Yorkers do… and what you rarely see in Europe, people walking in the street with their coffee. Time is money in New York.

We’ve met Marian before and we know that ‘cultural monitoring’ is in her blood. Whether in speeches, on TV, to the press or in the blogosphere, Marian can talk about what’s going on—and what’s coming next.

“Well Marian,” I say, when we sit down in the conference room, “What’s Next? What can we expect in 2013?”

Marian Salzman and Anouk Pappers - CoolBrands
Marian Salzman and Anouk Pappers – CoolBrands

Marian clears her throat. “Well,” she starts, “a new trend rising fast is copreneurship, meaning a working relationship that used to be common in pre-industrial times before most people went out to work for someone else. Now it’s being reframed for our post-industrial, post-feminist era as life partners of whatever gender and sexual orientation go into business together. Copreneurs are both involved in a joint business, with neither one engaging in a career outside the business; unlike regular business partners, like Hewlett and Packard orJobs and Wozniak, copreneurs are marital partners and business partners.”

The good thing with Marian is, you only have to ask her the ‘what’s-next-question’ and she will give you the full version.

“The co- trend is actually two trends commingled,” she continues. “There’s the trend toward people deliberately combining their efforts at work, at home and online; and there’s the related trend of pointing it out in the words that are used. The same people who used to be colleagues are now co-workers; they used to collaborate, but now they co-create.”

“Wow,” I think to myself, “this is like Maarten and me. We’re traveling the world doing storytelling for brands in a ‘copreneurship’. It’s a trend for 2013. So actually we were trendsetters for years already… without knowing it!”

Anouk Pappers – Brand Anthropologist

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