Some time ago, Klaas Weima, founder of the agency Energize, asked me to share my vision on storytelling with him for a podcast. ‘Cool, let’s do that,’ I said.
A bit later, he asked me if he could include my vision in his book, Earned Attention.
‘Cool, let’s do that,’ I said.

So, here we are, the English version will be launched April 16th, today, in Shanghai.
Congratulations, Klaas!

Here is part of the subject I spoke about, you can find more on, where you can order the (e)book.


“Your brand is much more than a name or a logo; it is the stories that people tell about your brand.”

‘Every organisation and every brand has its own story. It is often hidden, forgotten or seen as irrelevant. Within companies it is unusual to tell stories. That’s a shame, because the power of a good story connects people and gets them inspired. Stories provide energy and stimulate creativity. More importantly, people listen to stories and share good stories with others. Stories thus provide a wonderful chance to earn attention.’

Anouk Pappers – Earned Attention

Anouk Pappers - with Earned Attention
Anouk Pappers – with Earned Attention

You can download the podcasts or the ebook at

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