Maarten Schäfer

We are standing on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater, looking down into the 600-metre-deep, 19-kilometre-wide crater. It is absolutely breathtaking – truly one of the world’s natural 25,000wonders: a three-million-year-old volcano crater that collapsed under its own weight and has since become home to large mammals.


We head down into the crater, following a winding road with spectacular views. At the bottom we follow the track and see a group of vultures circling overhead, eyeing a large carcass in the grass below. Two hyenas are tearing away at it, devouring the carrion while at the same time chasing the jackals and vultures away. “Wait for your turn,” they seem to growl.

CSI Ngorongoro- Who Killed the Zebra?

Our guide Cliff says it must have been a zebra, and that it was killed quite recently. So there has been a murder! We have a body; we have a motive… The question is: who killed the zebra? How…

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