Our trip around the world regularly takes us through Paris. This time, we are invited by Helen Kupfer Haas, one of the curators of ‘Le Brésil’ at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, an exhibition that aims to bring a little piece of Brazil to Paris for a few months.

Helen is a Brazilian in Paris – she’s been living here for 13 years. “I love Paris,” she says, “although I miss Brazil sometimes. So this exhibition is great for me: I get to have Brazilian brands and people around me for a while,” she says with a smile. “And of course it offers Le Bon Marché clients a glimpse of Brazilian fashion, gourmet, personal care, jewellery, design and more…”

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“But let me introduce you to Frédéric Bodenes, the Bon Marché art director who curates the exhibition with me,” she says as she looks around and tries to spot him. “Fred is an architect who has been part of Le Bon Marché for 17 years,” she continues as we follow her through the displays. “He’s proud to have the Brazil expo here at Le Bon Marché and he’s one of the many French people we know who have fallen in love with Brazil.

As soon as Helen introduced us to Frédéric, he takes off. “For me it’s been great to take my colleagues on this virtual trip to Brazil. I’m very proud of the result and hope that we are conveying the Brazilian message to our customers.”

A walk through the exhibition also leads us to La Passerelle, the covered walkway that connects the two buildings that make up Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Here we meet Bertrand Planes, a video artist who has created an installation in the Passerelle, in collaboration with TV Globo, Brazil’s largest TV corporation.

Many of the brands we have discovered during our trips to Brazil are here: Aquim, Granado, Phebo, Osklen, Carla Amorim, Bazzar…

At the cooking class, we meet Heloisa Bacellar from Lá Da Venda, and Alberto, one of the young Brazilian chefs who is building a new image for Brazilian cuisine. They are promoting Brazilian cuisine to the French and Heloisa invited us to come to Lá Da Venda in São Paulo on our next trip.

Of course Cris Beltrão is here, proud as always of her brand! Bazzar is here to stay as they will have a permanent presence in Le Bon Marché from now on.

In the evening we attend the cocktail that has been organized at Le Bon Marché to celebrate the Le Brésil expo. Here we spot Kelly Amorim, wearing pieces from Carla Amorim’s latest collection with black diamonds, très chic!

And of course, no Brazilian party would be complete without music: Gilberto Gill performs as if he is still in his thirties and the young Brazil’s DJ-ing princess is here too!

Show de bola!

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