Author - Founder CoolBrands People - Maarten Schafer

One of the great things about travelling is the people you meet. And we met a lot of people during this trip through the Middle East and Africa. People of all cultures, races and religions – each with their own personal story. People who received us in their homes, showed us around their country, made us breakfast, did our laundry and gave us massages. All the people we met are proud of their country and the job they’re doing. They wanted to share their enthusiasm with us and make sure that their place became ours too.

In Petra, we met a Bedouin guide who said: “Petra is the most beautiful place on earth.” And when we asked him whether he had ever been anywhere else, he replied: “Why should I, I live in the most beautiful place on earth!”

We experienced things that money can’t buy – for us that…

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