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We’re sailing from Soma Bay in Egypt to Djibouti on Captain Maurizio’s 38-metre schooner. He has been sailing the seas in this part of the world for years and he knows the Red Sea and the countries that surround it like the back of his hand. His personal favourites are Yemen and Djibouti.

La Baie de Ghoubbet, Djibouti - by Maarten Schafer - CoolTravel La Baie de Ghoubbet, Djibouti – by CoolTravel

Maurizio’s schooner has nine cabins and he regularly hosts groups for weeklong trips. The disadvantage, he admits, is that as the trips are short, he never has the chance to build lasting relationships. “This life may seem like heaven, but I do get lonely sometimes.”

After three days of good winds we sail into the Baie de Ghoubbet and go down the Djibouti coastline. We pass several islands, including l’Ile du Diable, which is covered in hardened lava. The region here is volcanic, which is why the landscape sometimes…

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