We started our storytelling expedition Around the World in 80 Brands. After a stop in London and Paris, we arrived in Dubai. 

Our CoolBrands curator for the UAE, Noor Al Geziry, selected ‘people with a vision’ and ‘brands with a purpose’ for us to meet.

As we drive on Sheikh Zayed road in the direction of the Dubai Marina area, Noor fills us in on our first meeting.

Sharif Ramadan started a company creating a line of all natural fruit drinks, with the idea of countering the bad habits of the modern consumers of drinking sweet fizzy drinks or too much coffee. And his juices are adapted to the regional taste, not some worldwide ‘one taste fits all’. He called the brand “Better This”.

Twenty minutes later we’re sitting in JLT, Jumeirah Lake Towers with a view on the Dubai skyline.


Meeting Sharif Ramadan - Better This
Meeting Sharif Ramadan – Better This

“How this actually started, is a story about ending modern slavery,” Sharif starts off.

“I was working for a big company in a corporate structure. My wife was at home with my new-born daughter and I was having regular 12 hour working days to make my way up in the company.

“I realised I was missing out on an important period in my daugther’s life. And mine. I realised that in modern day life our ambitions, our own choices in life put us in an undesired position. 

“So I quit my job and started working for myself with the motivation in mind to help people make better choices. For me an obvious start is to help people eat and drink the right stuff. Better this all-natural fruit juice than fizzy drinks or too much coffee. Better this is more than a product… It’s a lifestyle. You have a choice and there is an alternative.

“I will get some bottles of our juices, so you can see what the right choice tastes like, he says with a smile, pointing at a large fridge in the corner. After that I’ll tell you all about the brand positioning.”

To be continued…


Meeting Sharif Ramadan - Better This
Meeting Sharif Ramadan – Better This


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