We leave our hotel just after breakfast. We walk to the corner of the street where we hail a taxi. “To Jianguo West Road  please, in the French concession” I say to the driver. The taxi makes a left turn, then a right and then a left again, zigzagging through the streets of Shanghai. “I love this part of town,” Maarten says while looking out of the window. “It doesn’t feel like we’re in a metropole of 23 million inhabitants.”

After 20 minutes we arrive at the address where we have a meeting with Rogier Bikker, strategy partner at Energize, a creative agency specialized in creating branded communication campaigns. 

The meeting is set in the coffee shop at the entrance of the office building. As we enter the place we recognize Rogier from his profile pic on Facebook.

Rogier Bikker Energize by CoolBrands NextWorld Storytelling
Rogier Bikker Energize by CoolBrands NextWorld Storytelling

After ordering a café latte, Rogier starts talking about a campaign they did for KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines. “The challenge was to increase the fan base of KLM Airlines in China and to activate potential travellers to Europe on a more personal level.”

“That sounds interesting,” I say, “how did you do it?”

“We started an activation campaign in which iconic cartoon character Miffy started a 100-day journey with KLM,” Rogier says, “leading the experience on behalf of Chinese consumers. The campaign turned potential travellers into KLM customers with activations on Miffy’s and KLM’s social channels. The participants received goodies inside the airplane and were greeted by a lifesize Miffy upon arrival in Europe.”

”That sounds simple, the way you describe it,” I say.
“Simple, but effective,” Rogier continues. “There were 123.000 participants, 89.000 new fans on social media, 4,2 million video views and almost 1 million site visits.”
“Wow, that sounds impressive,” I say, “can you give me some other examples of campaigns you created?”

“Of course,” Rogier says, “but let’s order lunch first and I will tell you all about  our credo ‘earned attention’.


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