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Our train slides smoothly into the Hauptbahnhof. “The largest interchange in the world,” I read on Wikipedia. “An unprecedented technological masterpiece.”

Anouk doesn’t really seem to care, as she exits the train without answering.

“321 metres long and 210 metres wide!” I call after her.

Berlin - Checking in - Around the World in 80 Brands Berlin – Checking in – Around the World in 80 Brands

I get my camera out of my bag and take some pictures, of the sunlight shining through the roof onto the trains. I focus on the passenger flow and push the shutter. Anouk is already at the top of the stairs, looking at me impatiently. I know this look. It appears most of the time when I’m taking pictures of important things like a roof construction or a speeding train.

“I am really craving a coffee at the Adlon Hotel!” she says.

“The weather is nice so let’s walk to the hotel, check in and head for the coffee bar.”

We walk along the…

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