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“This must be one of the coolest roads to ride in the world,” I think out loud as we enter the Big Sur region, northbound on Highway 1. This road runs along most of the Pacific coast of California, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastlines in the US. It is still early morning and we’re on our way from Santa Monica to San Francisco and I have difficulties resisting the photo opportunities that slow us down.

San Francisco - Run for the sunset

As we enter Carmel, I remember the rich artistic history of the town. City councils were dominated by artists, and the town has had several mayors who were poets or actors, including bohemian writer and actor Perry Newberry, and actor-director Clint Eastwood. I would love to stop here in Carmel and play on the legendary golf course at Pebbles Beach, but we want to be in Frisco before sunset.

Two hours later we cross the city limits of San…

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