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Logo CoolBrands WomenBangkok-based Aur See You has worked with brands, including Red Bull, Nike and Philips, royalty, celebrities and political leaders. She consults, lectures and leads workshops on Dhaksa, an ancient holistic profiling system comprising personology, numerology and environmental pyschology. In short: she ‘reads’ people and houses, helping individuals through work or personal challenges by giving them the tools to chart the course of their own lives.

I meet this remarkable woman at her home in the Thai capital. A veritable oasis in the heart of the buzzing city, I almost feel as though I’m in the countryside.

 How would you describe what you do?” I ask her.

“Everything in life is connected: your name, the time you were born, the clothes you wear, the house you live in. Since my grandfather introduced me to this idea more than 30 years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time studying how these things are connected and how the mechanism of certain things can influence – and even change – your life.

“The whole universe works in cycles, such as the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter. I can read these cycles – or patterns – and work with them. When people say ‘Well, that’s life. Something has happened and we can’t do anything about it’, I help them understand how everything is connected and show them the cause and effect; what caused this thing to happen. But most importantly, I find a solution.”

Around The World in 80 Brands - Aur See You, Life Consultant
Around The World in 80 Brands – Aur See You, Life Consultant

“How does this work?”

“Using nature’s four elements: earth, air, water, fire. We are all connected – humans, plants, all the creatures that live on earth. And because we were all created by these four elements, the connection is already there, from the moment we’re born. We draw on these elements all the time. For example, when you’re tired, you take a walk in nature and end up re-energised. Most of the time though, this happens unconsciously. But if you understand how the elements work together and influence each other, you can benefit from it consciously.

“Can you briefly describe Dhaksa for me?”

“It’s a combination of natural and social science; a knowledge and understanding of nature, its cycles and characteristics, and our interrelation with it. In Dhaksa, however, nature encompasses more than flora and fauna alone: it also includes man-made structures, our own bodies and everything else in this world.”

“What motivates you?” I ask her.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. Doctors told me I had only a few months to live. They were wrong, however. I survived. But it’s given me an extra drive in life. I realised that if I had died, I would have taken my knowledge with me. I now feel the responsibility to share what I’ve learnt so it won’t be lost.

“What do you want to achieve in the next five years?” I ask.

“I want to be teaching all over the world. By creating educational events and workshops on the one hand and by speaking pro bono at universities on the other. I want to teach as many people as possible how they can master their own lives. I want to truly connect the world.”


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