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It’s early in the morning when I enter the Eagle Rider shop in Flagstaff. From here I will ride the Route 66 to the Santa Monica pier. I’m received by Jim, who’s a local from Arizona.

“For the trip you’re about to make, I recommend you take the Fat Boy” Jim says pointing at an impressive black bike standing just in front of the shop. I sit on the bike and push it to a vertical position to feel the weight.

It has been some time since my last ride, so I have to get used to the weight and the power of the machine again. I push the start button and the engine emits the unmistakable Harley sound. I engage the first gear and the bike slides away very smoothly.

“Take it around the block,” Jim shouts. The bike roars when I accelerate and I become part of the traffic on the Route 66.

Visions of Easy Rider’s…

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