How did The Luxury Marketing Council begin?

“21 years ago, when I left Bergdorf Goodman to start my own consulting firm, I noticed that all the different ‘silos’ in luxury brands – jewellery, fashion, hotels and so forth – weren’t talking to each other.

“Although they had 60% of the same customers, they were working in parallel. I saw the vacuum. It was ‘hidden in plain sight’. So I decided to bring these brands together in the form of The Luxury Marketing Council. By collaborating and partnering, they could share databases, share costs, share insights and get more of the same customer. The goals of The Council are to inspire luxury brands to work more creatively and profitably together, resolve issues, and illuminate best marketing practices and trends – 24/7.”

Greg Furman - LMC - Thought Leader in Luxury - Gregory Furman
Greg Furman – LMC – Thought Leader in Luxury

That was quite an insightful concept.

“Yes, it was the first – and only – initiative like it. Back then, there was no Luxury Summit or anything similar. We started by organising lots of events – big events – in lots of cities. Around six years later, American Express and the Financial Times started organising large-scale luxury events as well. And as the industry grew, so did we. We went from 32 companies in New York to around 1,000 luxury brands, 6,000 CEOs and CMOs in almost 60 cities worldwide.”

Which luxury brands are amongst your members?

“American Express, Bentley, Bergdorf Goodman, Cartier, NASDAQ, Leading Hotels of the World, Sotheby’s and Swiss Air are just some of the members we’re proud to have onboard.”

Greg Furman - Thought Leader in Luxury - Gregory Furman - LMC
Greg Furman – Founder Luxury Marketing council – LMC

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