Reputation is not something you can borrow or buy. It is at the core of your brand; your promise; what you stand for.
Our search firm has been serving clients for 40 years. It is built on a strong foundation of principles and values by which we operate daily. Our reputation is one of high-integrity, and delivering results, with an outstanding slate of diverse talent. ‘Results that make a difference,’ is our pledge to clients.

Janice Reals Ellig - Co CEO Chadick Ellig - IIC Partners
Janice Reals Ellig – CEO The Ellig Group – IIC Partners

A company, a product, a person… all have a brand. While the words may differ – the theme is constant. I boil it down to the 10 C’s in great candidates, clients and our company’s foundation:

1) Character is at the top of the list – high integrity; being trustworthy, doing the right thing especially in unchartered waters.

2) Commitment – delivering on one’s word – doing what you say.

3) Courage – will take the unpopular stand, when necessary, make a wrong – right!

4) Curiosity – constantly questioning “what or why?” Intellectually curious and innovative. Getting out of one’s comfort zone to explore new concepts, venues, ideas.

5) Communication – articulating a clear vision; inspiring others to follow, through good and bad times.

6) Collaboration – great team player; giving others credit; helping others succeed; working for the greater good.

7) Confidence – belief in the ability to make things happen, and succeed.

8) Competencies – well-rounded, with a depth and breadth of experiences to excel.

9) Champion – a winner, an all-around best athlete who garners support and sponsorship from others; is and has champions who support and promote.

10) Common Sense – sound and prudent judgement; good decision-making based on the situation or facts.

Your brand is your word, your bond, your reputation. It is how people view you as a person, product or company. And, it is also how you make others ‘feel.’

Think about your brand. What do you stand for? How do people describe you? What will your legacy be?

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