“Luxury brands have an incredible opportunity to participate in the conversation that is happening all around them by partnering with key social celebrities right now. Influencers with strong engagement rates have target audiences who are listening to and following what they are saying and this adds up to even more powerful impact and returns.”

Anneke Boeren - Luxury Influencer - Board member Amstel Business Club - Bvlgari Bulgari Amsterdam
Anneke Boeren – Luxury Influencer – Board member ‘Amstel Club’

“I’m not one of those people with a lot of followers online. I’m part of the next big shift… the rise of ‘micro-influencers’ who’ve established an exclusive niche for themselves via their opinions, viewpoints and subject matter expertise. As opposed to having a massive amount of fans and devotees, micro-influencers are followed by much smaller, but loyal and–perhaps more significantly–a devoted and authentic audience. Underused currently by luxury brands, their faithful followers typically take their words as gospel and this can translate directly to substantial profit for the luxury sector.”

Anneke Boeren - Luxury influencer

Anneke Boeren
Luxury Influencer
Board Member Amstel Club