Catching up with Susan Chadick, CEO of Chadick Advisors, about Transition Advisory Services. Susan is leveraging 40 years of executive search and human capital advisory experience. Chadick Advisors works with clients to help them attract key talent, with individuals in times of transition and with corporate clients and their employees to be their best selves at work.

Susan, how would you describe the essence of Transitional Coaching?

Well, in my over 30 years in executive search I have found that there is a consistent theme I hear when I meet with senior executives who are near a time of transition. I typically hear questions like “What is the next step in my work life?” “Should I stay or leave?” “Who will I be if I give up my corporate title?” Or: “What is my bigger purpose/mission?”

When does one need transition advice?

In my experience, executives often come to me in times of specific career junctures. That’s when they are considering leaving corporate life for the next chapter, which could be board work, nonprofit engagement or some other pursuit. Or to improve their success when undergoing an active job search. Sometimes they just need a sounding board to map out the next step in their career trajectory.

Can you tell me a bit more on that last situation?

Sure, I have found that my clients have employees who are committed to their jobs but who could use help in thinking about the next chapter in their careers. These executives are reluctant to take the leap because they can’t imagine what the next step could look like. Companies realize that if their executives were to have someone to guide them, openly and safely, they would probably make good decisions both for themselves and for the organization. 

Susan Chadick - Leave or stay?
Susan Chadick – Leave or stay?

Ok, that’s all very clear. But why you?

Ha, good question! Well, I like to think that my approach is direct, insightful, warm and personalized. You know, it’s not a “cookie cutter” or a simple formulaic approach.

In addition to the personal approach, I have decided to offer custom coaching services to executives in time of transition, in addition to my retained executive search practice. You have to realize, I incorporate my 30 plus years of search experience, with 8 years of corporate HR experience, and a career’s worth of listening to and understanding, guiding and coaching executives in the course of my long term relationship with clients and candidates.

How do you manage this very personal service?

Well, in this business, every ‘case’ is unique. Since each executive has unique needs, my services are designed specifically around individual objectives. They include first of all a job search strategy, which includes developing a target list and resume review, and also interview preparation and debriefing. But it also can include crafting “elevator” speeches and introductory approaches. It sometime even might mean, only where appropriate, introductions to organizations and my global search partners. Add to that the reviewing of opportunities throughout the process to ensure alignment with goals.

What else can you offer corporate clients?

Well, for corporate clients, my services can also include on-boarding, coaching, and update reports. I am also able to provide executive assessment testing. And besides typical 60-90 minute sessions, I make myself available on an as-needed-basis for quick updates and check-ins during the process to give and get “real time” feedback.

What will hiring you bring corporate clients?

You know, in the end, it’s all about trust. When executives have someone to guide them, openly and safely, they make good decisions both for themselves and their organizations.

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