I’m meeting with Alane Baranello, principal of Alane Baranello & Associates in her midtown Manhattan office. I’m interested in her perspective and insights on the human element of the executive search industry.

A leader in her industry, Alane established her own executive search firm with a focus on HR placement eight years ago after spending nearly 20 years in corporate HR.



“Technology has had a tremendous impact on talent acquisition. Technology facilitates the communication of open roles, encourages prospective candidates to apply, and allows employers to reach a wider audience. Technology enhances talent acquisition but will not replace the executive search industry. As the labor market tightens, attracting and retaining talent becomes increasing critical. The effective screening and selection of candidates requires seasoned professionals who understand candidate assessment and can accurately identify cultural fit. Employers often prefer to hire candidates who are not actively looking but who are attracted to an opportunity that will facilitate their professional career growth.

What are your thoughts on employer’s who have made parts of the recruiting process all digital?

Some firms have moved their college recruitment process completely online. They’re able to expand their applicant pool and increase the number of diversity candidates. These are both positive developments.

“The jury on how successful these candidates will be in the workplace still needs to be determined. Success of this program can’t be measured by cost-savings alone.

Alane mentions that she sees a cottage industry for Skype and Facetime interview prep sessions in the future.



Alane reflects and shares an example: “I was referred to a candidate who had no interest in exploring outside opportunities, or in meeting with me. I persisted and asked if she would just have lunch. I had heard great things about her and just wanted to get to know her. No pressure. She reluctantly agreed to meet for lunch. Over time I built a relationship with her and was able to persuade her to meet with a client. Over time she became very interested in the opportunity and eventually landed the role.

In working with her I mentioned: ‘This is a datapoint for you’. I really believe this. You owe it to yourself to know what’s going on in the market. You’re going to increase your network. You never know. Go. Have the meeting. Then, if you come back and still have no interest, I will respect your decision and stay in touch.


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