A career that blends business, creativity and art, all into one; that is how my interviewee Tim Clevenger found his calling. Currently the VP of Marketing at Cambia Health Solutions, Tim shares the story of his success.

His life mimics the plot line of a great film. There is heartbreak, there is love, there is family, there is ambition and a pursuit of a career and so on. All of the above is set in the background of beautiful cities, which played an important role in every big milestone in his life.

Tim always stood out. Growing up in a rural town of 200, which he describes as the ‘wild-west’, Tim insisted on going to first grade in a blazer and tie, pretending to be in a private school. He had this almost innate love for business and the corporate life, which caused the addition of a briefcase into his formal everyday attire. However, this was paired with his love for art, creativity, which led him to journalism. Journalism allowed him to marry both his passions, something he never thought possible before.

Despite being career focused and ambitious, love has always guided Tim’s decisions. Be it love for his wife, family or his love for helping people, Tim believes we all have so much love within us, which shouldn’t be allowed to rot. This is something I believe we all should learn, imbibe and apply to our daily lives.

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Julie Roehm in conversation with Tim Clevenger
Julie Roehm in conversation with Tim Clevenger


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