It’s been rewarding to witness the recent successes of so many great women – we’ve seen it in politics, business, media, medicine and many other fields. 

It remains important to acknowledge that accomplishing their goals is not nearly as seamless as it would have been for their male counterparts. As someone who spent years in leadership, I can attest to the fact that many achievements are made infinitely easier for male colleagues. Witnessing this inequality only has made me amplify my voice for fairness over the years. And it made me strive harder to achieve results for myself and female counterparts who tolerated these actualities in silence. 

The article which prompted me to remind all of us of this continued reality is written by Keemia Ferasat. It’s titled The Secret to Women’s Empowerment is Women. The author lays out three key necessities to enable achievements for women.
1) Get a sponsor to advocate on your behalf.
2) Invest in this important subset of society that, according to studies, reinvests 90% of their income back to their families and communities providing for continued prosperity.
3) Stand up for those women who are silent.

The other great takeaway for me was that “women comprise almost 47% of the workforce, control up to 80% of consumer spending and own more than half of investable assets in the United States.”  Imagine the ripple effect of investing in this sizeable and powerful demographic.

There is still so much to gain with a more concerted effort to give platforms and support to women; not just by women, but also by men. To those of you who already do, a heartfelt thanks! Meanwhile let’s also keep seeking ways to help mobilize others to create such opportunities. 

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