Monique Toonen - Owner TFD Floor Tile

The vision of a social entrepreneur – Monique Toonen (Dutch)

Candida Romero - Owner Couvent San Francescu

The new purpose of ‘Couvent San Francescu’ – Candida Romero

Aldina Duarte Ramos - Wellness Expert

“Wellness goes way beyond Spa” – Aldina Duarte Ramos

Helen Kupfer-Haas for ParisMania

Helen Kupfer-Haas – ParisMania, a new concept for Brazilians who love Paris

Shelley Zalis, Girls Lounge - by CoolBrands

Meeting Shelley Zalis – “The Girls Lounge is all about activating change”

Darren Carter Thunderhead - by CoolBrands

Darren Carter – “True customer engagement”

Benoit Beaufils, Innate Motion - by CoolBrands

Benoit Beaufils – “Brand Activism”

Joanna Pena-Bickley - IBMix - by CoolBrands

Joanna Peña-Bickley – “Hydration, Health, Happiness”

Meeting Jonathan Oliver from Microsoft in Helsinki

Meeting Lisa Hogg of Onitsuka Tiger in Berlin

CoolBrands NextWorld Storytelling Meeting Mr. Felipe Gozon

Meeting Felipe Gozon, CEO of the Philippine Broadcasting Network GMA