"New Business Lessons from Madison" - Cleve Langton - CEO Maven Magnet

“New Business Lessons from Madison” – Cleve Langton

Claudia Sender - CEO TAM airlines - Women Leadership

“Women Leadership” – Claudia Sender

Torian Richardson - Torianite

“Access and Opportunity” – Torian Richardson

Meeting Yue Sai Kan in Shanghai for Around The World in 80 Brands

“Gender equality in China” – Yue Sai Kan

What is a Luxury Influencer? – Anneke Boeren

Monique Toonen - Owner TFD Floor Tile

The vision of a social entrepreneur – Monique Toonen (Dutch)

Mohammad Abdul Jalil Al Blouki - Chairman EBG

‘A drive to be successful’ – Mohammad Abdul Jalil Al Blouki

Pete Favat

“I use creativity for causes I believe in” – Pete Favat

Carla Schmitzberger - Havaianas

“From commodity to fashion” – Carla Schmitzberger

Gilles Laumonier - President Lee International at VF Corporation

“Authenticity rules” – Gilles Laumonier

Janice Reals Ellig - Co CEO Chadick Ellig - IIC Partners


Your online reputation is your most important asset - Cleve Langton

“If you didn’t publish it … it didn’t happen” -Cleve Langton