Helen Kupfer-Haas for ParisMania

Helen Kupfer-Haas – ParisMania, a new concept for Brazilians who love Paris

Shelley Zalis, Girls Lounge - by CoolBrands

Meeting Shelley Zalis – “The Girls Lounge is all about activating change”

Darren Carter Thunderhead - by CoolBrands

Darren Carter – “True customer engagement”

Benoit Beaufils, Innate Motion - by CoolBrands

Benoit Beaufils – “Brand Activism”

Maarten Schafer at the Luxury Marketing Council - in New York - CoolBrands

“High Touch Marketing” – Maarten Schäfer

Greg Furman - LMC - Thought Leader in Luxury - Gregory Furman

Gregory Furman – “Inspiring luxury brands and sharing deep knowledge” LMC

Luiz Fernando Musa - Ogilvy &Mather Publicidade - by CoolBrands

Luiz Fernando Musa – “The Magic of a Great Idea”

Dara Brewster - co-founder DARA Artisans - by CoolBrands

Dara Brewster – “Creating a better future by empowering women artisans”

Becky Chidester - president Wunderman Health - by CoolBrands

Becky Chidester – “The shift in healthcare”

Joanna Pena-Bickley - IBMix - by CoolBrands

Joanna Peña-Bickley – “Hydration, Health, Happiness”

Digge Zetterberg Odh - The North Alliance - by CoolBrands

Digge Zetterberg Odh – “Looking for diversity in the creative industry”

Maarten Schafer - CoolBrands - at #CannesLions #MaartenSchafer

Maarten Schäfer – ‘How to stay fit during the Cannes Lions’