Logo CoolBrands WomenAraras, São Paulo state,  July 2013.

We met the fashionable, extravert Liana several weeks ago in São Paulo when she was speaking at a lifestylebranding event. She’s one of the few women in Brazil who work in coffee, and one of the very few who focus on creating a coffee brand.

We spoke to her after her presentation and she told us that she wants to turn her coffee into a lifestyle brand. “Coffee is still a very male-oriented product that is seen as a commodity,” she said. “By building a brand, I go beyond the product.”

Liana Baggio - Seleçao Brasileira de Alimentos
Liana Baggio – Seleçao Brasileira de Alimentos

Then she invited us to her family farm near Araras to visit the Baggio plantation, where we have just arrived. As she shows us around the farm, she tells us about the brand she is building around Baggio coffee. “It’s a small company,” she says. “We want to be special instead

of big; we want to be part of the luxury and lifestyle world.”

“So how are you building the brand?” I ask.

“I see myself as a coffee designer rather than a coffee producer, even if I am both. I’m eveloping the brand, both on the Brazilian market and across the globe. We invited our distributors from New York to visit our finest coffee plantation in the south of Minas Gerais. In order to experience the brand they will help harvest the cherry coffee beans, which we handpick to guarantee the
highest quality. Would you like to join us?”

“We’d love to!” says Anouk. “As a true coffee passionista, I think it is essential for my personal